New Ink


I think I get the same giddy feeling buying new art supplies that people get from new clothes. They probably don’t use the word giddy though.

Pens are my signature tool, like my Kamehameha Wave or Batarang, so when my pens break or run out, my artwork stops to a screeching holt. So I made a run and bought a Prismacolor brand illustrating markers, one fine line and the other brush. I usually use and prefer Sakura Pigma Micron pens, but these caught my eye because I use Prismacolor brand markers for coloring in and it’s also a well received art supply brand among my friends.


But here’s what I’m working on right now, this one has a monster movie feel to it, and there is a bit more I’ll have to add to it. My micron pen took a crap on me halfway during this drawing, so I’ll be using Prismacolor pens for the rest of it. Feel free to Like, Follow, and Comment.

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One thought on “New Ink

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