Camera series coming


So over the course of the past six months I’ve been taking photos using a disposable camera. I originally called in the ’27 shot series’ because I was sure of myself that I would have amazing photo content, but I’m more realistic about my photography skills. Maybe they’re good. They’re probably pretty shitty. So it may be called the ’25 shot series’ or the ‘2 shot series’ or the ‘no shot series’ which would be no photos at all and might work on an abstract kind of deal. Depending on how the film came out. You’ll find out once I swing by a Walgreens and get the pictures back. Until then, message me on my tumblr or twitter if you have any comments questions or ideas you’d like me to do for the next series of photos I plan on doing. I’m thinking photos of various concerts or continuing another ‘Ill Youth’ series of photos.


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