On letting art go



Im currently enjoying an episode of parks and recs and working on this painting using micron pens and gouache. It’s another nature/surreal which is time consuming in a good way. Alot of my favorite works (especially this project) is remiscient of another illustration I did back in highschool. I had made an art show on campus to showcase our artists and I added my own to it.

And then I lost it.

I dont know how i managed to, but i did.

And thats okay.

I mean I hope to find it one day, but I kind of realize that art is a moment. Moments like spray painting on a wall and smelling the scents of the city, painting in a classroom and hearing Passion Pit for the first time, on joking with friends as you sketch your surroundings, most of my artwork is more about the process then actually keeping it and finshing.

It sounds kind of douchey but ive lost a good amount of art to know what its an honest statement. That being said I’m considering selling and giving away my art. I’ll figure it out. Until then, some parks and recs.

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