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scoop x grip stickers. how to do grip tape stickers



My previous post about trying out new things was my way to ease the two of you readers into my new line of grip tape artwork I now titled scoop x grip stickers because a lot of the stuff is scoops of ice cream.

How did I make it you ask? Well I have acquired a few rolls of grip tape, which is the gritty sand paper texture that is applied to skateboard decks to ensure tractions for skaters. I decided to use the grip tape to make my own stickers.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

1. I used my paint pens from one of my cat skate deck, which you can purchase. to color in the artwork I made.

2. I cut out the artwork I made.

That’s it.


My themes are the usual things I enjoy such as desserts and what not. I’ll be selling them soon, I’m thinking $1-3 dollars per sticker and putting them in different dessert packs. Be sure to like, comment on ideas, and opinions, and follow me on every thing else I do.

Like here.

Or here.

Peace out, stay scribbling.


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