inked and painted

inked and painted

This started as my first attempt of doing a nude portrait (which is a cop out because it’s from the belly button up) but it

ended taking on a more colorful piece that coincides more with what I use to draw in high school, colors and small and

not so subtle mutations.

weekend doodles



I spent this weekend enjoying doodling and trying to not create some type of new “series” with my art and just doing whatever came to mine. I will be doing my best to submit only the artwork I think is best. Summer school and part time work has been a good way of keeping me structured, which for some reason I create more artwork when my free time thins.  The two girls were drawn on the 4th of July, Prince was drawn Saturday night, and the bicyclist was done earlier today, all using ink.

infinite view


The second illustration for the Ill Youth series, which has been mostly photography, due to a recent interest in it. This one was used with ink for the outlines and the rest was painted, including the majority of the shadowing, the hair, and the color of the swimsuits.

My ad man is a madman



I found this lovely fellow on the Internet and decided to add him as one of the faces I’d like to represent my artwork. This advertisement is here to announce a new sketch as well as the finished untitled project will be posted today later on to give you something to retreat to. Also the project will be given a name too. Hopefully this will be the face that you think of as you sleep in the dark tonight.


The Untitled project.




Because I love being a illustrating tease, I wanted to show a work in progress. I have a few exams coming up and on the chance I do not do well and fall into a deep depression, I figured I would show you guys one of my most colorful, abstract, and most tiring works yet. This is a very different artwork for me and is taking a lifetime to finish, although it’s coming out to be one of my favorites. I’m actually sort of stressing over a title for this one. That being said, once I release the finish product around, reception and my personal feelings will determine whether I release more like this. I hope to be release the end product soon, I’m past the halfway point so we will see.

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Players in Progress





Don’t get too excited peoples. I doubt I have enough clout or skill to get my people excited of my work anyways, but the painting is still in progress and I want to add more details to the football players. I just thought a work in progress post will would be nice way to show what the art looks like before it’s a finished product. With all the talk on the red moon, I felt a little blue, but if you look closely at the drawings, I think you can tell more red will come… Much more red to come.