#super released:






Today is the release of my #Super series. I figured the process would take much longer to do the paintings, but anything can be done with a little sleep deprivation during the summer.  Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite pieces because I spent so much time on it and I liked the way the shading worked. I stick to artwork that doesn’t require shading with paint, so it was a nice challenge. The girl I loosely based this painting on is Lianne La Havas, a talented English instrumentalist, soul singer who you should all listen to.


The Untitled project.




Because I love being a illustrating tease, I wanted to show a work in progress. I have a few exams coming up and on the chance I do not do well and fall into a deep depression, I figured I would show you guys one of my most colorful, abstract, and most tiring works yet. This is a very different artwork for me and is taking a lifetime to finish, although it’s coming out to be one of my favorites. I’m actually sort of stressing over a title for this one. That being said, once I release the finish product around, reception and my personal feelings will determine whether I release more like this. I hope to be release the end product soon, I’m past the halfway point so we will see.

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Players in Progress





Don’t get too excited peoples. I doubt I have enough clout or skill to get my people excited of my work anyways, but the painting is still in progress and I want to add more details to the football players. I just thought a work in progress post will would be nice way to show what the art looks like before it’s a finished product. With all the talk on the red moon, I felt a little blue, but if you look closely at the drawings, I think you can tell more red will come… Much more red to come.