the artistic rut and other corny blog post titles


As an artist I think it’s easy to fall into a rut. I see a lot of painters, musicians, illustrators, comedians- amateur and professional alike- who after a while, start preforming and putting out the same thing. Which is fine to a certain extent, everyone has unique backgrounds, personality traits, and influences which define their artistic components and that make them who they are. And once you have an audience and have a certain niche, it’s going to be hard to break away from that. Especially if said art puts food in your mouth hole.

And while finding your niche is important,  for me I like playing around with a lot of different styles, mediums, canvases, and concepts. I think it’s good to try it out. I’m 20 so I have a long way to go before I find out what makes me me. I’m constantly exploring and discovering new stuff I really dig, but I find myself going to the same shit I like to draw. Like ice cream, desserts, anime, manga, politics (look at my twitter and my attempt to be a activist behind a computer screen) , nature, animals and music.

Attempting to go outside of the aforementioned list is like doing a new exercise during your regular regime. It’s weird and you have no force it, but it’s the only way to make some variety in what you put out. (There’s the making of a poop joke somewhere in that sentence, but I don’t have the delivery to make it funny)

My point is, it’s easy for me to discuss trying to try out new things, and fearlessly going off the beaten path and experimenting, because I have an almost non existent online or offline following. So I could start using Hackxsack to sell ceramics of eggplant and no one would fucking notice. But being a business major and a creator of artwork, I feel a pressure to find a niche that works. But I’m not there yet and there’s no point in finding a trademark if I suck or don’t explore what works and what doesn’t.

But I think I’m going to keep scribbling until something sticks for me. Hopefully this applies for some of you readers

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Dope Illustration


Last night- well technically, Friday night because it’s 2am on a Sunday- a few friends and I saw the film Dope, which was spectacular. The Rick Famuyiwa film is a coming-of-age story set in Inglewood, California about a trio of college bound high school geeks who get involved in a plethora of crazy shit after deciding to go to a drug dealer’s birthday party.

The cast is spectacular, the storyline is part comedy, part drama, and part romance, with a really good message about being yourself and is as if Pharrell Williams, Superbad, House Party, Breaking Bad, The Wood, Spike Lee, and John Hughes had a baby. And yet, it is still a vibrant, original film that stands on its own. I haven’t enjoyed a film on this level since Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and it’s up there with my favorite teen comedies (Superbad, Scott Pilgrim, 16 Candles, Heathers, Napoleon Dynamite, ATL, etc.)

It’s relatable to me on a personal level. I never was heavily influenced by one sub-culture (in the case of Malcolm played by Shameik Moore, it’s 90s hip hop fashion and music) but skate culture, 90s punk, 60s fashion, anime, manga 80s punk,90s hip hop, and 60s rock are part of the components that make me.  And I appreciate that film went beyond just having the geek character and making his character (and actually every character in the film) more complex and giving a social background to the comedy, drama, and character development.  I’m grateful for films like this because showcasing non-stereotypical characters and being inventive in film not just for the social commentary, but for the inventiveness. For the most part, I don’t like calling my work fan art for purely arrogant reasons, but this is a fan art. I wholeheartedly support this film and despite being broke, I’m going to take more friends to go see this.

Go see Dope in theaters.

a ghost supply illustration

SCAN0039I’m a fan of [ghost supply] clothing for their well shot photographs, their animated music videos, their beautiful models, of course their outfits that are aesthetically drench in adult swim, cartoon network shows, anime, alternative hip hop style, and pop culture. So I painted a model wearing my favorite shirt by them.




We share similar influences and I’d enjoy learning a thing or two from their brand.

You can check out their brilliant work, support them, and purchase their merchandise here. This print will not be for sale because I used their t-shirt design.

The shop is open!


Congratulations to myself for opening up an online website that takes 30 seconds to make. (Modern entrepreneurship)

My Etsy is here.

So far I only have an Etsy account for my artwork to sell I’ll try to add new and fun artwork to put on the website. The websites consists mostly of prints, but I hope to add stickers and possibly t-shirts on the websites to sell my work. The funds and money I receive will go to help pay for college classes and also fund other ideas such as more skate deck designs.

If you could help feel free to browse on any of my websites and message me on Tumblr, DM me on Instagram or leave me a comment on any of the pages to suggest artwork and ideas that you would like me to make.

Update on my art for sale

chill forever

Im pretty excited because my etsy page is up. Unfortunately I have to work out a few more kinks on the site to ensure everything is running smoothly before I can formerly open the site up.

There will be no grand opening sign up quite yet but I’ll have a few surprises for yall in the next few hours. Stay tuned.

hackxsack for sale

No, this does mean my body, my moniker, or my site domain is for sale, it just means some my artwork is for sale. Although….if you have a good deal to sell my body I may consider it…just kidding…maybe.

Where can you find it? No where because this is just another announcement to annoy you all, so you know it’ll be out soon.

So what can you do until the etsy, society6, and amazon websites are out?

(Go to more professionally done websites with better artwork?) No, just look at my other sites to look at my other work and be sure to give feedback in the form of hearts and pluses and thumbs and soon you can convert those hearts, pluses, and thumbs into money.

Here are a few illustrations I’ve been finishing up that I’ll be posting up on my various websites to sell. I’d love to get feedback, even if you don’t have money to buy it, likes and comments are free.

skate spirits

You can check a few more of them here at my tumblr blog and feel free to add me. I’ll follow you as well. Probably.

You can also find more of my work here for my portfolio page. You can message me on my twitter or instagram for feedback and artwork you’d like to see on my page.