hold still, here comes the plug


I really want this blog page to consist of some of my best work, which looking back It does not, and because I want to avoid all of my pages containing the exact same contact, I want to direct my followers and new readers to my tumblr page where I post more photography, which you haven’t seen. If you have a tumblr, don’t forget to follow the page. If you don’t I highly recommend it if you enjoy blogging and want a different variety of people. Ill Youth stuff is in progress, but I’m hoping to post it all at once, so until the series is finished, I ask you to look at my Tumblr page for more work. I’ll close with summer school is hell, make sure to go to different places this season, and don’t be afraid to cut up some old clothes and make a free summer wardrobe.

superhero announcement


A few friends of mine were celebrating a friend’s graduation today, so we were hanging out and ended actual hacky sack, which reminded me to post here. If you follow me on Twitter, which you probably don’t (twitter.com/hackxsack) I mentioned I’ll be posting a new series known as “Hashtag Super” which is based on a drawing I worked on over a year ago in my personal sketchbook. I thought it was a cool idea to do a series but it never came into fruition, mostly because I didn’t even begin this website until about two months ago and out of everything I’ve been doing in sketchbooks, that’s what I felt like could use some revival.

Anyways the illustrations will basically be superhero versions of different characters based on the Hackxsack themed costuming and while I am still working on it, I have finished three so far and I will be posting them when I feel like it. I sort of want to add a few more illustrations for this one, before I begin posting them because I want these ones to come back to back. Also, because summer just kicked off I thought a theme full of superheroes would suit the blockbuster of superhero movies that have come out recently and more to come. Anyways, I may post a few photographs just to keep the site from collecting cobwebs while I do more artwork so keep following me on Twitter for updates and ‘musings’. Hail Hydra.