inked and painted

inked and painted

This started as my first attempt of doing a nude portrait (which is a cop out because it’s from the belly button up) but it

ended taking on a more colorful piece that coincides more with what I use to draw in high school, colors and small and

not so subtle mutations.

blackened white whitened black

I’m enjoying the fact that I have a scanner. I’m also sad that I didn’t realize they were was a scanner in my house months ago when I began this blog, but ey c’est la vie.

One of the photos is one I’ve already posted, but just scanned and I figure it won’t hurt reposting artwork if it’s done in a better quality. The other two come from my personal sketchbook, which I hardly take out artwork from. Although with my Ill Youth collection I’m doing over the summer, I may use my sketchbook to show some of the artwork.

The homeless man drawing’s sign is a reference to a Radiohead song “Fitter Happier” which you should listen to if you haven’t before. This will be some of the last artwork I’ll do that  lacks direction. I’ve been spending the past year drawing and trying to figure what my personal style and I’m getting around to focusing on what I like doing, which is what Ill Youth will be about. So I leave you with my last few eclectic works.




SCAN0003 (2)


SCAN0002 (2) SCAN0001 (2)



Ill Youth


Summer is my favorite season  and I think my artwork shows the same sense of joy I get from not having to deal with school and being more relaxed with what I wear, what I do, and how I decide to spend my time. I’m not sure when summer official starts (even though I’m in front of a computer and the time it takes to write this out, I could’ve found out) but I’ll being doing artwork under the title ‘Ill Youth’ with a recurring theme of what I love about Southern California. This girl will be the start and more will come up soon. As much as I love the summer, it is also a fire dungeon outside so that will give me plenty of time to draw and paint until it is safe to go outside.

Stay tuned.


superhero announcement


A few friends of mine were celebrating a friend’s graduation today, so we were hanging out and ended actual hacky sack, which reminded me to post here. If you follow me on Twitter, which you probably don’t ( I mentioned I’ll be posting a new series known as “Hashtag Super” which is based on a drawing I worked on over a year ago in my personal sketchbook. I thought it was a cool idea to do a series but it never came into fruition, mostly because I didn’t even begin this website until about two months ago and out of everything I’ve been doing in sketchbooks, that’s what I felt like could use some revival.

Anyways the illustrations will basically be superhero versions of different characters based on the Hackxsack themed costuming and while I am still working on it, I have finished three so far and I will be posting them when I feel like it. I sort of want to add a few more illustrations for this one, before I begin posting them because I want these ones to come back to back. Also, because summer just kicked off I thought a theme full of superheroes would suit the blockbuster of superhero movies that have come out recently and more to come. Anyways, I may post a few photographs just to keep the site from collecting cobwebs while I do more artwork so keep following me on Twitter for updates and ‘musings’. Hail Hydra.

My ad man is a madman



I found this lovely fellow on the Internet and decided to add him as one of the faces I’d like to represent my artwork. This advertisement is here to announce a new sketch as well as the finished untitled project will be posted today later on to give you something to retreat to. Also the project will be given a name too. Hopefully this will be the face that you think of as you sleep in the dark tonight.


The Untitled project.




Because I love being a illustrating tease, I wanted to show a work in progress. I have a few exams coming up and on the chance I do not do well and fall into a deep depression, I figured I would show you guys one of my most colorful, abstract, and most tiring works yet. This is a very different artwork for me and is taking a lifetime to finish, although it’s coming out to be one of my favorites. I’m actually sort of stressing over a title for this one. That being said, once I release the finish product around, reception and my personal feelings will determine whether I release more like this. I hope to be release the end product soon, I’m past the halfway point so we will see.

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