the artistic rut and other corny blog post titles


As an artist I think it’s easy to fall into a rut. I see a lot of painters, musicians, illustrators, comedians- amateur and professional alike- who after a while, start preforming and putting out the same thing. Which is fine to a certain extent, everyone has unique backgrounds, personality traits, and influences which define their artistic components and that make them who they are. And once you have an audience and have a certain niche, it’s going to be hard to break away from that. Especially if said art puts food in your mouth hole.

And while finding your niche is important,  for me I like playing around with a lot of different styles, mediums, canvases, and concepts. I think it’s good to try it out. I’m 20 so I have a long way to go before I find out what makes me me. I’m constantly exploring and discovering new stuff I really dig, but I find myself going to the same shit I like to draw. Like ice cream, desserts, anime, manga, politics (look at my twitter and my attempt to be a activist behind a computer screen) , nature, animals and music.

Attempting to go outside of the aforementioned list is like doing a new exercise during your regular regime. It’s weird and you have no force it, but it’s the only way to make some variety in what you put out. (There’s the making of a poop joke somewhere in that sentence, but I don’t have the delivery to make it funny)

My point is, it’s easy for me to discuss trying to try out new things, and fearlessly going off the beaten path and experimenting, because I have an almost non existent online or offline following. So I could start using Hackxsack to sell ceramics of eggplant and no one would fucking notice. But being a business major and a creator of artwork, I feel a pressure to find a niche that works. But I’m not there yet and there’s no point in finding a trademark if I suck or don’t explore what works and what doesn’t.

But I think I’m going to keep scribbling until something sticks for me. Hopefully this applies for some of you readers

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chic as shit


Besides drawing, painting, making photographs,  and currently working on skateboard designs and music, I also have an interest in fashion. The fashion editorial-style illustration I did is called “Chic As Shit” is a fashion line that contrasts between hipster, new-age style with a crust-punk, new-wave style. I decided to encompass my passion and interest in California, skateboarding, punk, vintage clothing, illustration, and colorful art into outfits made for women.

I feel inclined to post fashion work.

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Spaced out

I did a lot of research on Astronomy and got involved in the works of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking during the winter. The result of the studying were these sketches, which are too abstract to be considered scientific illustrations.filename-1 (8)

filename-1 (2)

filename-1 (3)