Ill Youth


Summer is my favorite season  and I think my artwork shows the same sense of joy I get from not having to deal with school and being more relaxed with what I wear, what I do, and how I decide to spend my time. I’m not sure when summer official starts (even though I’m in front of a computer and the time it takes to write this out, I could’ve found out) but I’ll being doing artwork under the title ‘Ill Youth’ with a recurring theme of what I love about Southern California. This girl will be the start and more will come up soon. As much as I love the summer, it is also a fire dungeon outside so that will give me plenty of time to draw and paint until it is safe to go outside.

Stay tuned.


Players in Progress





Don’t get too excited peoples. I doubt I have enough clout or skill to get my people excited of my work anyways, but the painting is still in progress and I want to add more details to the football players. I just thought a work in progress post will would be nice way to show what the art looks like before it’s a finished product. With all the talk on the red moon, I felt a little blue, but if you look closely at the drawings, I think you can tell more red will come… Much more red to come.