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scoop x grip stickers. how to do grip tape stickers



My previous post about trying out new things was my way to ease the two of you readers into my new line of grip tape artwork I now titled scoop x grip stickers because a lot of the stuff is scoops of ice cream.

How did I make it you ask? Well I have acquired a few rolls of grip tape, which is the gritty sand paper texture that is applied to skateboard decks to ensure tractions for skaters. I decided to use the grip tape to make my own stickers.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

1. I used my paint pens from one of my cat skate deck, which you can purchase. to color in the artwork I made.

2. I cut out the artwork I made.

That’s it.


My themes are the usual things I enjoy such as desserts and what not. I’ll be selling them soon, I’m thinking $1-3 dollars per sticker and putting them in different dessert packs. Be sure to like, comment on ideas, and opinions, and follow me on every thing else I do.

Like here.

Or here.

Peace out, stay scribbling.


hackxsack for sale

No, this does mean my body, my moniker, or my site domain is for sale, it just means some my artwork is for sale. Although….if you have a good deal to sell my body I may consider it…just kidding…maybe.

Where can you find it? No where because this is just another announcement to annoy you all, so you know it’ll be out soon.

So what can you do until the etsy, society6, and amazon websites are out?

(Go to more professionally done websites with better artwork?) No, just look at my other sites to look at my other work and be sure to give feedback in the form of hearts and pluses and thumbs and soon you can convert those hearts, pluses, and thumbs into money.

Here are a few illustrations I’ve been finishing up that I’ll be posting up on my various websites to sell. I’d love to get feedback, even if you don’t have money to buy it, likes and comments are free.

skate spirits

You can check a few more of them here at my tumblr blog and feel free to add me. I’ll follow you as well. Probably.

You can also find more of my work here for my portfolio page. You can message me on my twitter or instagram for feedback and artwork you’d like to see on my page.

half board

16 (2)17 (2)

I found a broken skateboard at the skate. I took it home, sanded it,

and put a tasteful watermelon design on due to the boards green color on the front. The photography is a front and back view of the finished board.

Foul Owl Deck Art

1a 1a1 1a2

I began skateboarding at around 11 or 12, which was about 8 or 9 years ago. I got a Big 5 skateboard, which I’m not sure if some of you know this, but a skateboard from a sporting good store or Wal-Mart are pretty low par. To give you an idea, skateboards costs about 38 bucks (the price of the average decent skateboard deck). Anyways, my skateboard skills never really improved because my skateboard could barely move let alone be do tricks. Now I’m doing artwork which is inspired by high school themes. This is an older picture from my behance page but it has now been turned into a usable skateboard, which can be seen here.