#super released:






Today is the release of my #Super series. I figured the process would take much longer to do the paintings, but anything can be done with a little sleep deprivation during the summer.  Anyways, this is probably one of my favorite pieces because I spent so much time on it and I liked the way the shading worked. I stick to artwork that doesn’t require shading with paint, so it was a nice challenge. The girl I loosely based this painting on is Lianne La Havas, a talented English instrumentalist, soul singer who you should all listen to.


superhero announcement


A few friends of mine were celebrating a friend’s graduation today, so we were hanging out and ended actual hacky sack, which reminded me to post here. If you follow me on Twitter, which you probably don’t (twitter.com/hackxsack) I mentioned I’ll be posting a new series known as “Hashtag Super” which is based on a drawing I worked on over a year ago in my personal sketchbook. I thought it was a cool idea to do a series but it never came into fruition, mostly because I didn’t even begin this website until about two months ago and out of everything I’ve been doing in sketchbooks, that’s what I felt like could use some revival.

Anyways the illustrations will basically be superhero versions of different characters based on the Hackxsack themed costuming and while I am still working on it, I have finished three so far and I will be posting them when I feel like it. I sort of want to add a few more illustrations for this one, before I begin posting them because I want these ones to come back to back. Also, because summer just kicked off I thought a theme full of superheroes would suit the blockbuster of superhero movies that have come out recently and more to come. Anyways, I may post a few photographs just to keep the site from collecting cobwebs while I do more artwork so keep following me on Twitter for updates and ‘musings’. Hail Hydra.